4 Small Monstrous Centipedes (defeated; CR 0.25 each)
1 Pulverizer Automaton (currently under party control; CR 4)
1 Grell (defeated; CR 3)
1 Dark Creeper (defeated; CR 3)

Treasures Found

A storehouse of former potions, long-ago dispelled into uselessness.

In a great hall, after defeating the grell:

  • A small (1d3 damage) masterwork dagger. It has a compartment that stores one dose of spider venom (Fortitude save DC 14, initial and secondary 1d4 Strength).
  • A potion of Cure Light Wounds.
  • A potion of Invisibility.
  • A pouch holding 80 cp and 32 sp.

A rune engraved rod/key with the gnomish letter "Z"

After defeating a dark creeper:

  • 4 small (1d3 damage) daggers.
  • A pouch holding some copper and silver coins.

Location Maps

Map showing progress made in exploration as of the end of session 4.
Progress in Jzadirune
Examples of both open and closed gear doors, plus a key.
Gear Doors

From the journal of Rennilon