Session 9

Game Session Date: November 3rd, 2019
Game World Date: Patchwall 5th, CY 576
Characters: Ciartos, Rennilon, Stonehawk & Ruphus Laro

The party began moping up the remaining creatures in Jzadirune. They fought monstrous centipeds, a grell and a dark creeper. They were also able to take temporary control of an automaton by giving it simple commands in the gnomish language.

Session 8

Game Session Date: October 27th, 2019
Game World Date: Patchwall 4th, CY 576
Characters: Ciartos, Rennilon, Stonehawk (only 2nd half) & Ruphus Laro

The party finished exploring the Malachite Fortress. While all the intelligent creatures (except a vicious mimic) had already fled after the death of Kazmojen, a mass of animated chains and a pair of automatons remained behind.

Session 7

Game Session Date: October 13th, 2019
Game World Date: Patchwall 3rd & 4th, CY 576
Characters: Ciartos, Rennilon, Woetide (deceased now), Eris (deceased now), Stonehawk (new PC) & Ruphus Laro (former NPC, taken over by player)

The game session began with a combat, resolving an encounter with hobgoblins found at the very end of the prior session. Due to a clever bit of magic, the party was able to bypass all of the traps and guards thereafter and made their way directly to the main hall of the fortress. It was in this main hall that the party encountered Kazmojen and the slave auction. After several rounds of a terrible battle in which both Woetide and Eris died, the fight came to a halt when a beholder appeared and demanded one of the orphans, a boy named Terrem. To punctuate its demand, the beholder slew both Kazmojen and Pyllrak, the auctioneer and principal buyer, in a single round. Realizing they had no chance to defeat such a creature, the party granted its request and then retreated to the surface. A day passed while the they recovered and sought new party members; then the party once more decended into the Malachite Fortress, to see what evils might remain after the defeat of Kazmojen. So far, only a few blobs of flesh left to guard a chest have been found; otherwise the fortress seems deserted.

Session 6

Game Session Date: October 6th, 2019
Game World Date: Patchwall 3rd, CY 576
Characters: Ciartos, Rennilon, Woetide, Eris & Ruphus Laro (NPC)

After an overnight rest, the party returned to Jzadirune to continue their quest. Along the way they encountered several skulks, a mimic, and a pair of hobgoblins guarding a make-shift elevator that leads to the Malachite Hold. After defeating the hobgoblins the party descends down from Jzadirune to the Malachite hold. Therein, they encounter a strange creature made of stone and an ogre.

Interlude 1

Interlude Date: Between Sessions 5 & 6
Game World Date: Patchwall 2nd & 3rd, CY 576
Characters: Ciartos, Rennilon, Woetide, Eris & Ruphus Laro (NPC)

(details pending)

Session 5

Game Session Date: September 15th, 2019
Game World Date: Patchwall 2nd, CY 576
Characters: Ciartos, Rennilon, Woetide, Eris (as NPC) & Ruphus Laro (NPC)

(details pending)

Session 4

Game Session Date: September 8th, 2019
Game World Date: Patchwall 1st & 2nd, CY 576
Characters: Ciartos, Rennilon, Eris, Woetide & Ruphus Laro (NPC)

In the aftermath of their fight in the ruined laboratory, the heroes sought a concealed place where they could rest and recover. They were joined by Woetide Beggar's Friend, a paladin of St. Cuthbert that was sent by their patron Jenya to aid them in their mission. After some exploration (and the discovery of a hidden armoury) a place to rest was discovered and a fitful night of sleep ensued.

In the morning the heroes decided to strike out to the south, following the direction where they had previously seen the skulking creature that ran off the day before. Stepping into an ambush by two of these creatures led to a tense fight but the party prevailed and continued exploring a maze of narrow tunnels that seemed to have been dug by something long after the original construction of the gnomish enclave.

It was Woetide who bravely took point during these explorations and it was Woetide who discovered a room at the end of one of the narrow tunnels. Advancing into the room, he was able to hear a hidden creature mutter some commands in an unknown language, immediately after which a previously invisible automaton came to life and attacked.

The battle with the automaton was brutal and victory was ever in doubt but ultimately the heroes prevailed, albeit much battered and bruised from their struggle.

Session 3

Game Session Date: September 1st, 2019
Game World Date: Patchwall 1st, CY 576
Characters: Ciartos, Rennilon, Eris & Ruphus Laro (NPC)

After defeating the locksmith Keygan Ghelve and the mysterious creature lurking in his shop the party investigates further and discovers a hidden stairway descending deep into the earth. Questioning the gnome locksmith after he awakened revealed that he was an unwilling pawn in the plot of other villians who lurk in the ruined gnomish enclave of Jzadirune. In exchange for a promise to protect him and rescue his familiar (a rat with a distinctive star pattern on its fur) Ghelve told the party everything he knows about the complex at the bottom of the hidden stairway.

Undaunted by the possibilities of danger, the heroes descended into the ruined gnomish enclave. It quickly became apparent that they place was a maze of illusions, traps and secret passages. Almost immediately they saw another of the strange creatures which had lurked in the shop above, but it retreated quickly.

Opting not to follow the skulking creature, they continued onward and Within less than twenty minutes their explorations led them to a ruined alchemical laboratory wherein they faced a strange construct of magical garments which nearly bested them.

Session 2

Game Session Date: August 25th, 2019
Game World Date: Patchwall 1st, CY 576
Characters: Ciartos, Rennilon, Eris & Ruphus Laro (NPC)

After bringing their captured prisoners to the local watch captain, the heroes escorted the priest, Ruphos Laro, to the temple of St. Cuthbert. As they arrived, a torrential rain started and they were invited to take refuge within the temple to wait out the rain. While they waited refreshments were served by acolytes and when the rain showed no signs of relenting they were offered beds in the temple's dormatory to rest (it was roughly 2 am at this point). Before they could take advantage of these dormatory beds the acting high-priestess of the temple, Jenya Urikas, approached them and asked them to aid her in a matter involving missing orphans; the heroes accepted. Afterwards the party then rested until roughly 10 am.

The investigation led the heroes to the shop of a local gnomish locksmith, Keygan Ghelve. Therein they encountered, fought and defeated both the shopkeeper himself and a strange naked creature with skin like a chameleon.

Session 1

Game Session Date: August 11th, 2019
Game World Date: Patchwall 1st, CY 576
Characters: Ciartos, Rennilon & Ruphus Laro (NPC)

Our campaign began shortly after midnight on the first day of the month of Patchwall. Ciartos and Rennilon had spent the week of Brewfest, an annual festival that celebrates the beginning of Autumn, in traditional fashion - i.e. by drinking. When the Slippery Eel Tavern (Cauldron map area 9) finally closed its doors and they stepped out into the brisk night's air, they began to head towards their rooms at the Drunken Morkoth Inn (Cauldron map area 14). As they approached the alley between Magma Avenue and Obsidian Avenue they encountered several thugs assaulting a local priest of St. Cuthbert. As should be expected of all worthy heroes, they stepped in and rescued the priest by killing one of the muggers and incapacitating two others. A shadowy fourth figure, whom one of the muggers referred to as "Jil", was briefly encountered but she managed to escape.